How many types of umbrellas do you offer?

We deal in all types of umbrellas. We have range in Straight Umbrella (One fold), Two Fold Umbrella, Three fold Umbrella, Five fold Umbrella, Kids Umbrellas, Garden Umbrella. Patio Umbrella, Outdoor Umbrella, Golf Umbrella, Beach Umbrella, Fancy Umbrellas, Gazebo (Tent). 

What is a golf umbrella?

A golf umbrella is larger in size than a typical umbrella made for personal use. The canopy of a golf umbrella is known for its large size and durability. With these features, the umbrella is able to resist strong gusts of wind and prevent the canopy from turning inside out when it is windy. Golf umbrellas provide excellent protection from the sun and rain.

What is a patio umbrella, parasols and garden umbrella?

Parasols and Garden Umbrellas are designed to protect marketplace vendors such as those with food carts, retail goods sellers and their customers from hot sun and rain. It is designed to protect them from wind and other weather conditions. These are used for temporary spaces and can be fixed by merchants on their own.

Patio Umbrellas are designed for residential or commercial outdoor spaces to extend comfortable areas for their family members or customers to relax or dine while still protected from the weather. 

How do I choose an umbrella?

Choose the umbrella that fits your personal needs. Are you looking for umbrella for protection from rain or sun or personal branding. Now you have to consider how you are going to use the umbrella. If umbrella is used daily, consider umbrella that is light and durable. if you are looking for beach umbrella, to be used just couple of times, consider bigger canopy size and windproof umbrella.

What is the best umbrella to a heavy rain?

A windproof umbrella is designed to remain open and avoid breaking during heavy rain & winds. It is made of good quality and heavy material to stay strong during heavy rain. Classic Premium Umbrella provides best security against heavy rain and strong winds. Classic Premium Umbrella is 27inch long windproof umbrella built with strong material to provide utmost protection.

How do I select the best of umbrella for our corporation?

Regardless the sectors of organization, corporate logo printed on corporate umbrellas will keep company name and services in consumers mind for a long time. Get noticed in rain and shine in sun with range of Corporate Umbrellas.

How do I measure umbrella size?

1. The size of the canopy determines the area that an umbrella can cover. It can be measured by referring to the arc width or diameter.

2. To get the diameter, open the umbrella then measure from one tip then move to the tip on the other side under the umbrella.

3. To get the frame size, close the umbrella then measure from the top until the handle. 

*If you have a foldable umbrella, you will have two sizes: first when it is folded and second when it is stretched out.

How do you print on umbrellas?

There are options to print on umbrella for your branded promotional umbrella. We use different printing processes to create your branded promotional umbrellas: screen printing, sublimation and digital printing. We create promotional umbrella according to client needs.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity of your umbrellas?

Minimum order quantity for folding umbrellas is 12pcs and Minimum order quantity for straight umbrella, kids umbrella, fancy umbrellas and garden umbrella is 6pcs.

What is the delivery time of umbrella ?

Standard delivery time by courier service would be 7 to 10 days and Delivery of goods by transport depends on your city 

What are your Payment terms?

As we deal in wholesale, only complete advance payment is accepted which can be paid through various methods..

Does this umbrella protect from heavy rain and winds?

Yes, we have a collection of windproof umbrellas. These umbrella’s canopy is stitched using the best quality fabric that protects from heavy rains. 

Are your umbrellas long-lasting?

Yes, we have a range of premium quality umbrellas that usually last many rainy seasons. 

Which type of umbrella protects from UV radiations?

An umbrella fabricated with a silver/black coated fabric protects from UV radiation. 

Which is the best sun umbrella?

Black/Silver coated umbrella is the best sun umbrella as it blocks 90% of the sun rays. 

Do rain umbrellas protect from UV rays?

Yes, black/silver coated umbrella with non-transparent fabric blocks intense UV sun rays.

Which is better for storage: 2 fold umbrella or 3 fold umbrella?

3 fold umbrellas are best as they are compact in size ensuring proper storage inside handbag compartments. 

How to buy the best umbrella?

You should consider the umbrella weight, canopy size and handle grip and size while buying an umbrella.

Which umbrella fabric is best for heavy rain and wind?

Nylon and Polyester umbrella fabric is best to protect from heavy rains and wind. 

Which is better: Umbrella vs Raincoat?

An umbrella is easy to handle and keeps you dry when the rain is moderately strong. The raincoat could be heavier to carry as compared to a lightweight umbrella. 

Are fancy umbrellas worth it?

Yes, fancy umbrellas are a good way to showcase your style statement. However, you should look for the durability while purchasing one. 

What is a straight umbrella?

A straight umbrella is the one that you fined in traditional old-Indian films. It is sturdy and non-collapsible. 

Are curved handle umbrellas best?

Yes, a curved handle umbrella usually offers a good grip and is easy to carry outdoors. 

What are the different parts of umbrellas?

Umbrella consists of a canopy, shaft, handle, rib, ferrule, tube, stretcher, runner, tips, center and bottom spring, etc. 

What is good for children: Umbrella vs Raincoat?

One can quickly open an umbrella when the rains sudden. So, an umbrella is always a good option for children rather than using a raincoat.

Are there any windproof umbrellas?

Yes, an umbrella with a sturdy canopy is ideal to protect from heavy winds. 

How are golf umbrellas beneficial for golfers?

Golf umbrellas are bigger approximately 30inches, so these umbrellas protect golfers and their accessories from heavy rains.

Do you provide any umbrella accessories?

Yes, we provide garden umbrella stands, water base stands, and many more accessories. 

Do you sell promotional umbrellas?

Yes, we sell promotional umbrellas in every type whether it be straight, folding, children, golf, or garden umbrella. You can put up an inquiry for your promotional umbrella needs. 

How beneficial are promotional umbrellas?

Promotional umbrellas increase your brand visibility and thereby bring more business. 

Which umbrella is best for traveling?

3 fold or 5 fold umbrellas are lightweight and easy to carry around while travelling. It is small and compatible.

What is a corporate umbrella?

A Corporate umbrella is a large umbrella printed with the company logo. It is used to recall the brand name in the minds of the target audience. 

Which color umbrella is best for summer?

A black coated umbrella is best to protect from scorching sun, heat, and UV rays. We have multiple colors and designs to match your style while also protecting you from the sun.

Which is the best size for outdoor umbrellas?

You can choose outdoor umbrellas/ garden umbrella of umbrella sizes ranging between 36 inches to 72 inches. Check our Garden Umbrella category to view all products.

How to buy the best outdoor garden umbrella?

You should consider table size, umbrella size and base while buying the best outdoor garden umbrella. 

Are windproof umbrellas worth it?

Yes, they are best used in stormy weather. You reduce the chances of turning an umbrella inside out by using a windproof umbrella.

How to buy the best umbrella on a low budget?

If you have a tight budget, then you can buy a 2 fold umbrella. They are also strong and sturdy and shelter best in windy weather. 

What is the average price range of umbrellas in Classic umbrellas?

Price range starts from Rs 100/- at Classic Umbrella store.

Do you have a rainbow umbrella?

Yes, we have an automatic rainbow umbrella at our Classic Umbrellas store. 

What size umbrella is ideal for 2 lounge chairs?

You can shop for a 40 inches garden umbrella. It is ideal for 2 lounge chairs.

What are different types of Umbrella handles?

You can shop for C-shaped, J shaped or Straight handle umbrella handles. 

Which is the best umbrella handle type?

You can prefer a C-shaped handle as it provides a good grip and comfort than a straight handle. 

How to avoid umbrellas from turning inside out?

You can purchase a windproof umbrella to cope with heavy rainfalls and winds.

Are umbrellas with more ribs better?

Yes, more ribs calls for greater safety and durability. You can carry a sturdy umbrella with more ribs during the monsoon.

Can garden or patio umbrellas survive heavy winds?

Yes, patio or garden umbrellas can withstand the wind pressure up to 20 mph.

How to secure a garden umbrella?

You need to make the base strong with wet sand to secure a garden umbrella.

My old umbrellas breaked soon, Do all umbrella have short life?

An inexpensive quality umbrella can break easily. You can buy a durable umbrella with more ribs, a sturdy handle, and thick nylon or polyester canopy. 

How to prevent garden umbrellas from fading?

You can utilize weather-guard spray and vacuum to prevent garden umbrellas from fading. 

How do you care for a promotional garden umbrella?

You can remove dirt & debris with a garden hose as well as use soap and water to clean dirt marks. 

How do you care for a garden umbrella during windy weather?

You can close the garden umbrella into a deadlock position to protect from windy weather. 

Should I close the garden or promotional umbrella every night?

Yes, it would be good practice to close the garden or promotional umbrella every night. Doing so, you can improve its durability. 

How do you store an umbrella?

You can place the umbrella in its case and then put it at the top of your handbag. If you place it at the bottom, then heavy things on top can break your umbrella’s ribs, canopy, and stretchers. 

What is the ideal size of golf umbrellas?

The ideal size for golf umbrellas ranges between 60-65 inches diameter. The bigger the diameter, the better it is!

Can I buy a light color umbrella during the rainy season?

Yes, as the sun rays aren’t ardent during the rainy season, you can use a light color umbrella. 

What is the price range of garden umbrellas at Classic Umbrella?

The garden umbrellas at Classic Umbrella starts from Rs 399/-. 

Do you have an umbrella with a wooden handle?

Yes, we have umbrellas with hand polished wooden handles.

Can I find waterproof and windproof umbrellas at the Classic Umbrella store?

Yes, you can find waterproof and windproof umbrellas at the Classic Umbrella store. 

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